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Sunday Night at Pete’s by Andrew Kendall


Pete Doherty by Hedi Slimane

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The Libertines - What Katie did (live in Berlin)

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"I knew I needed to see Peter, the friend I love and I miss, to know that this friendship was still there. It was only him and me. And the guitars, the streets, the sun. It was hard, I was nervous because I didn’t know what I would find. When a relationship breaks, you build up an image to protect yourself : you put on the surface everything you don’t want, leaving behind all the marvellous things we used to do together. It was pretty terrifying, but all of that is gone, and I could see the things as they were, in all their beauty. My dear old friend and my brother, with whom I grew up and in such an intense way. When you grow up with someone like that, it’s like you’re blood brothers, nothing can ever change that."  -

Carl Barât - Rock’n’Folk, oct 14

talking about Barcelona and then getting emotional and ;___;

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The Libertines » Up The Bracket